Reduced size increased the attention

Terekas Sweden AB launched mini PET stretch blowing machine series FlexBlow. In combination with sales conveyor promotion method, Terekas Sweden AB has tripled their flexible PET blower sales this year compared to last year. The company has signed 17 contracts across the world, last year 6 flexible series machines has been sold.

The latest contract signed with the company from South African Republic in the beginning of August was the first step to African continent.
„We believe that more are coming. After visiting a number of potential clients in SAR this summer we received the first inquiry immediately from the company that was looking for what we had to offer. They signed the reference agreement with us after purchasing the machine, indicating that we will be allowed to bring other potential customers from the country to see our technology in operation at their premises“, – said Head of Export Department Gintautas Maksvytis.

Terekas Sweden AB has signed the first contract with a company from New York, USA. Terekas has been trying to step in the perspective US market that uses significant quantities of PET containers for years. The company shipped their first two blowers to North America three years ago, and received some interest afterwards. The company is building a blow moulding machine for hot-fill bottles for the new American client. The mini blowers are also going to be shipped to Spain, Iceland, Australia, Germany, Slovenia, Belarus, Baltic States and other countries this year.

Sales are based on conveyor method

Mr Maksvytis notes that good results are also the consequence of industrial conveyor method adapted in sales.
“The work of conveyor is based on specialization – and that is exactly how we set our sales department. Instead of trying to teach all salespeople everything from A to Z, we have assigned certain functions for different people. There are specialists who are responsible for sourcing new contacts only. Others use their input to get in touch with potential clients, introduce us, and investigate customers’ needs. We afterwards decide which country or region has the strongest potential and visit chosen companies there. When customers decide to visit us, process engineers take over for maximum support,”– the new sales conveyor method is described by Mr Maksvytis, who also adds that it has exceeded the expectations.

New system introduced globally in Fall

International trade fairs remain an important tool when knocking on the door of new markets. Terekas Sweden AB takes part in several exhibitions each year and finds them useful.
“We are currently preparing for K Show in Dusseldorf where we will introduce our latest PET stretch blower FlexBlow that we have been developing for 2 years. It is a reduced size blower dedicated for those who need flexibility in relatively small production quantities. Normally PET blowers are rather sizeable and take a lot of space, therefore we came up with an idea to build a compact machine that does not take more space than a street car and is easy to operate,” Mr Maksvytis notes.

According to him, the interest in the new model is so high that to support inquiries TEREKAS Sweden AB is looking to hire additional 12 sales representatives by end of 2016. All electric FlexBlow machines range from 1 to 5 cavities with the bottle output from 1 000 up to 7 500 bph. It was built for quick bottle format changeover that takes 30 minutes including the change of neck standard, mould, fine tuning and start-up, and will be demonstrated in 2 continents at the same time in October 2016: in K-Show, Dussledorf (Stand 1B26) and showroom at K&G Machinery Works LTD in Toronto, Canada.

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