The world’s lightest PET bottle for edible oil

Sidel, has collaborated with Algar Agro to produce the world’s lightest 900ml PET bottle for edible oil.

A large player in the Brazilian market, Algar Agro worked with Sidel to reduce the total weight of its finished bottle from 18 to 14 grams – a reduction of 22%.

The bottle was redesigned without any obvious changes to the customer in its well-established external appearance. Proposals for the bottle’s packaging optimisation were put together by Sidel, who also carried out feasibility tests for the new design at its Packaging & Tooling Centre in Guadalajara, Mexico.

With the acquisition of two Sidel Matrix blowers – one at each of its production plants – Algar Agro believes it is the first oil producer in Brazil with integrated injection and blowing in its PET production process. The Sidel machines were installed in bottling lines producing 25,000 PET?bottles of vegetable oil per hour. The installation followed a two year investigation and feasibility study into the integration process for the production and packaging of vegetable oils.

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