WFSI presents food & beverage concepts

At this year’s food and beverage trade fairs in Algeria and Nigeria, Wild Flavors & Specialty Ingredients (WFSI), a division of Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM), demonstrating new concepts for the beverage and confectionary sector, allowing manufacturers to generate further growth.

The ingredient specialists presenting a series of current developments that specifically aim to position new product ideas to the African market.

Still drinks: fruity combinations

A particular emphasis is placed on the still drinks market. In addition to the latest
variants of ice tea, as well as its mouth feel and fruit & veggie concepts, WFSI is
presenting its duo fruits range – consisting of compositions ranging from orange-mango and kiwi-banana to lemon-mint, with a juice content of mainly 10 to
20%, specifically adapted for regional popularity of full-bodied flavors. The popularity for these flavors is covered by the juices and nectars primarily aimed
at the premium segment.

Malt beverages – including modern variations

Malt is firmly established in the African market as a basis for beverages. WFSI
offers a range of concepts with varying malt content. To meet the increasing
demand for “free-from” products, the company has now added gluten-free concepts
to its portfolio, including dark malt cocos-caramel.

Carbonated soft drinks: carbotanicals

With rising interest in carbonated drinks, WFSI is focused on incorporating regional preferences into products such as carbotanicals, recently developed for the African market. In this range, widely popular types of fruits such as citrus fruits or red fruits are combined with aromatic plants like mint or ginger. This gives rise to thirst quencher products that meet common expectations regarding fruity soft drinks.

Broad range of confectionary ingredients

WFSI is presenting a range of “sweet temptations”, including hard caramels with either yogurt flavors or fruit granules. In addition, WFSI has developed coloured mint granules with a refreshing effect for tablets. Manufacturers can therefore provide a cool response to the constant demand for surprising product innovations for various applications with spearmint and peppermint.

Naturally colourful – as pretty as a rainbow

More and more consumers are taking care to purchase foods that contain natural ingredients, or ingredients from a natural source. WFSI provides vibrant colour solutions for the most varied requirements and soft claims through colourings Foodstuffs from Nature and Colours from Natural Sources. At the trade fairs in Algeria and Nigeria, the experts presented examples of these colourful applications in products such as candy and chocolate drops.

ADM, Stand 3E075, Djazagro, 18-21 April, Algeria

ADM, Stand A.1.7, Agrofood, 26-28 April, Nigeria

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