Masterbatches, pigment mixtures, liquid dyes and colouring pastes

Karl Finke GmbH will present at Plastpol, May 17 – 20, at Kielce, Poland, comprises granulated masterbatches and pigment powders as well as liquid dyes and colouring pastes for almost any type of plastics application. At Finke, experienced technicians counsel and support customers from industries like cosmetics- and food packaging, medical technology, automotive, furniture, electronics and toys, from the first design draft to production stage of their products.

Finke works with the customer’s original material and simulates specific production conditions, ranging from various injection moulding and extrusion methods to blow moulding, in its own laboratory. The company is equipped with technology to produce PE and PP bottles. Moreover Finke can simulate the production of tinted and dyed PET-C bottles on its own blow-moulding system.

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