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Tomra Sorting Recycling recently presented their Autosort Flake featuring simultaneous triple-sorting capability. The machine combines color detection and enhanced material information to maximize the recovery of high-quality recycled products. The Autosort Flake analyses and sorts flakes by color and material at the same time and also detects metal.

In his launch statement, Tomra Sorting’s Product Manager Recycling, Valerio Sama, said: "Compared to our first generation flake sorter introduced in 2010, the new generation is able to do the job of two separate units and with a much higher degree of precision reducing the loss of good material."

Detailing the experience from a customer perspective, David Bourge, Plant Manager of SUEZ, Regene Atlantique, said: "By combining Autosort (bottles sorter) with Autosort Flake (flake sorter), we’ve increased our high-quality product yield by 200%."

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