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Plastipak Packaging (formerly APPE) recently announced the launch of a crown finish PET bottle. Designed to be capped with a metal crown closure, the bottle is suitable for applications such as beer, cider, alcopops and juice shots.

Within the "Crown Finish" range Plastipak claims to offer the lightest weight PET bottles in Western Europe including the bottle sizes of 275ml, 330ml and 500ml. The range is available in clear (with a UV light blocker), green or amber. The Crown Finish series has been developed with multilayer barrier technology to better prevent from oxygen ingress and CO2 loss. This maintains and preserves the colour, taste and carbonisation levels of beer and cider and can provide up to 12 months filled product shelf life.

The series can be delivered as preforms as well as pre-blown bottles. Standard bottle shapes are available, or should volumes allow, fully customised bottle shapes can also be developed. Plastipak further states that these bottles are 85% lighter than glass equivalents and fully recyclable in the PET stream.

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