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The KHS Group began building a new production shop at its site in Hamburg, Germany. With it Group companies KHS Corpoplast GmbH and KHS Plasmax GmbH will gain an extra 2,500m². On a site measuring 54,000m² in the suburb of Meiendorf the company will then have around 23,000m² of floor space. The new building will contain two floors for production and offices, into which KHS will integrate commissioning and acceptance testing for stretch blow moulders, blow moulder/filler blocks and PET coating machines built by KHS Plasmax GmbH. KHS is investing € 3.5 million in the extension. The new facility concludes the process begun in 2012 to boost production efficiency, when in the first building phase KHS invested in a new commissioning shop covering 2,300m². The new shop marks the start of the second phase of construction.

KHS is optimising its procurement, logistics and assembly processes on the basis of its modular product structure. The company will incorporate a cyclic production process into its new facility, where the materials required for a two-day work cycle are supplied to the relevant workstation. After this, the work is passed on to the next stage in the process. The workstations will be designed to include all the necessary work equipment, such as tools, lifting and assembly devices and material provision systems, so that no time is wasted for the transit, searching and setup of components.

KHS wants to promote the production of blocked systems in particular - PET bottle blow molding, filling, capping, labeling and coating - and establish these on the market.

The shell of the building is to be erected by the winter, with interior construction scheduled for the spring of 2016. After this, production is to start rolling. KHS Corpoplast GmbH was founded in Hamburg 40 years ago. With the new building the KHS Group is demonstrating its commitment to the production site in Hamburg. With a positive corporate development forecast the KHS Group wishes to hire more specialists for its design engineering, development, process technology and product sales units. At the time of writing, KHS Corpoplast and KHS Plasmax together employ around 370 people.

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