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During the first half year of 2015 the volumes sold of preforms and bottles have increased by 8.4% compared to the first half of 2014. Russia and East and Central Europe were the regions with the highest increase. The volumes sold also increased in West Europe with growth in France but a decrease in sales in Spain. The sold volumes increased also in Greece. In North America sales of preforms decreased. The growth is the result of the good climatological circumstances in the spring and a further diversification of products and customers.

The turnover remained more or less stable during the first half year with an increase by 0.6% up to € 148.6 million despites an increase of the sold volumes. This is the result of lower average raw material prices during the first half of 2015 compared to the first half of 2014. As known Resilux can pass on fluctuations in raw material prices to the customers.

Compared to the first half year of 2014, the added value increased by 10.2% or € 3.4 million to € 37.2 million. The other goods and services increased by €2.1 million of 10.6%. The major part of this increase can be explained by increased variable costs as transport and electricity. Also the increase exchange rates of CHF and USD caused an increase in the expenses when translating to EUR.

The net investments in intangible and tangible fixed assets in the first half of 2015 amount to € 7.3 million compared to € 9.1 million in the first half of 2014. These investments are mainly made in new production tools. This amount also includes a first part of the extension of the building in the United States of America. Resilux continues to invest in further diversification of products, markets and customers.

The nice weather has resulted in a good start of the second semester. Consequently Resilux expects for the full year of 2015 higher results for Resilux compared with results for 2014. A further positive evolution of the sales and results is expected regarding the joint venture Airolux. In the meantime investments have been made in higher production capacity. The machines will be taken into use during the fourth quarter of 2015 and a higher production output is expected.

Resilux expects in the second half of 2015 to invest € 6.0 to € 8.0 million, excluding buildings and special projects.

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