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The University of Pisa, Engineering Department, has chosen Amut as partner to cooperate on four research projects sponsored by the European Community, specific on dealing the study of plastic materials processing. Aim of the collaboration is to develop and test new polymers with particular eco-friendly characteristics, produced by renewable sources, recycled materials, even biodegradable and compostable materials. Amut shares with the students’ team, led by Prof. Andrea Lazzeri, its wide experience in the manufacturing of plants to extrude plastics, its own laboratory and some prototyped equipment which Amut has properly designed for the purpose.

ORQUA, a flat die with nominal width of 350 mm, AKI350/S, a sloped calender equipped with three rolls of diameter 200mm each and pneumatic closing, a corotating twin screw extruder EBC 25HT, 4560 Mini Bench Top Reactor Series, plus a winding station, to produce rolls of foil necessary to suit the physical-mechanical laboratory tests. The staff of Amut technicians will support the students in the development of the projects though all the steps, teaching how to run the machines, sharing know how and competences, up to the data processing and analysis to complete the research.

European projects:

DIBBIOPACK: activity of research on nanocomposites based on lactic acid and nanoparticles, especially nanoclay, for the production of packaging with high barrier properties to gas and humidity.
OLI-PHA: activity of research on poli-hydroxyl alkanoates of micro seaweed raised in vegetation water for the production of olive oil.
N-CHITOPACK: activity of research on the production of film based on poli-lactic acid and nanofibres chitin to be used for packaging.
BIOBOARD: activity of research on the production of film based on proteins derivative from milk whey and from the production of potatoes.

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