Barriers, resins, colours and additives

P.E.T. Engineering presented its new materials and injection processes consultancy services for the first time at the Brau Beviale International Fair 2015 with the goal of supplying bottlers and converters with practicable solutions from granules all the way through to bottles on shelves. Thanks to the addition of this new service which allows P.E.T. Engineering to perform fully autonomous, objective and scientific checks on the latest barrier, colour and additive inventions, P.E.T. Engineering has taken the ability to encompass each individual packaging development in an integrated consultancy approach covering design and industrialisation.

Origin & Genesis are the two new PET bottles developed by the P.E.T. Engineering Design Centre for the premium category table water bottling sector in elegant, linear designs using transparent, glass-effect PET made with the Glasstar additive. Weighing just 40 grams these smart bottles are ideal for top class restaurants and catering services.

On the subject of the projects presented Elisa Zanellato, P.E.T Engineering’s Marketing & Communication Manager, argues that "Developing packaging and, in particular, the creation of a delicate balance between its performing-operating and communicating functions must be the outcome of a combined technical and aesthetic process in which practicality and appearance are indissolubly bound to ergonomic and usability studies. For this reason at P.E.T. Engineering we have developed a service which starts from a study of the material to be used to make the packaging and concludes by launching the production line. It is only in this way that we can guarantee creative, practical packaging capable of creating a bond between product and consumer, values and needs, brand and the popular imagination to make packaging one of the most important tools for both product and brand communication."

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