Bericap closures at Brau Beviale

Bericap will be participating once more as an exhibitor at this year’s Brau Beviale in Nuremberg. The closure manufacturer will present its closure systems and new product features in hall 4, booth 4-515.

Bericap converted a large portion of its different beverage closures into lighter weight versions that fit the respective lightweight bottlenecks. The resulting savings in granulate permit a significant annual reduction in CO2 production, asserts the company. At Brau Beviale, Bericap amongst others shows types of closures, which shall combine customers’ satisfaction with an optimised employment of materials. This applies in particular to stoppers for still waters, but also for products filled in aseptically and in particular for beverages filled in hot. The company will also present new developments for the sparkling products market.

Compare with the 38mm system, employing its 33mm closure system for hot filling results in a weight saving of approx. 40%, says the company. The "Double Seal System" of the closure enables the implementation of a threaded neck thickness of 1.5mm, as this system prevents the threaded neck to taken an oval shape during hot filling. For those preferring the 38mm closure size, the company offers a lighter closure variant.

Another product is the 3-piece "Push Pull Next Generation" sports closure with Double Seal, which does not require aluminium foil and shall be easy to open and to reclose. The 38mm closure has so far been used for aseptic fillings and is appropriate for wet and dry sterilisation processes. Also the 33mm "Push Pull Next Generation" for the hot filling process by a multinational beverage filler in Latin America is a further step forward. It allows drinks to be dispensed without removing an aluminium foil seal.

In terms of lightweight, Bericap has expanded its closure series called "Hexa Lite", available in sizes 29/11mm, 29/13mm and 26/13mm. One type has recently introduced in UK market. Both 29/13 and 26/13 closures are equipped with a slit flexband.

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