PET Day 2015

The annual PET Day has taken place on October 1, 2015 in Artimino, Italy.

Organised by GSI Global Service International, decision makers, global purchasers and consultant firms met in the villa to debate the present and the future of polyester at the 13th edition of the PET Day. 150 attendees represented leading brands from four continents and 25 countries.

Discussion points amongst others where the global polyester market, trends of the PET and polyester industry or how to cope with price volatility in today markets.

Underlining that already 2 years ago GSI had the feeling that there was a chance of oil dropping from the level of Usd 100 to much lower rates, he stressed the idea that in order to choose the right moment to buy it is necessary to get the support of people who are every day in contact with the global market trends, and are monitoring it every day , if not hour. GSI is doing that, in a unique way, and therefore it may help its customers to ‘sniff’ the right moment to grab some good chances on the world markets.

Mr Francesco Zanchi, CEO of GSI, announced that in 2016 the PTA future market in China will be finally open to overseas investors as a result of continuous work and contact by the company. Also he stated that there might be a possibility that similar options will be open to monoethylene glycol (MEG) in future. In December 2015, there will be an open conference in Shenzhen, China, to announce the detailed steps.

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