CSI introduces new application for MB-Lok closures

Closure Systems International (CSI) has introduced a new application for its MB-Lok mini 28mm plastic closures. In addition to being suitable for PET bottles with 1881 neck finishes, the closure is now also available for select metal beer can packaging. MB-Lok mini is being applied to two liter (2L) beer cans developed by German can manufacturer, Kleemann. Certain Eibauer brand beers are available in this convenient package, which is mainly targeted toward the Asian market.

This multi-serve packaging format allows consumers around the world to enjoy and share authentic German beer. The CSI MB-Lok mini closure assures reseal-ability for future use, and its oxygen scavenging liner protects product integrity and freshness. The closure holds up to 3.8 volumes CO2 and incorporates a patented ‘bead-behind-the-wing’ tamper band for consumer security. MB-Lok mini 28mm closures are compatible with 250ml to 2L PET package sizes and beer can formats.

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