ABC Compressors reflects its presence at DTI

ABC Compressors hailed its presence at drink technology India exhibition as a great success.

ABC has been heavily involved in the Indian market for some years. Its initial presence was in the form of a branch office, which has grown to become its sales and service platform for India and neighbouring countries. The company has enjoyed steady growth since it first opened in India and has established itself as a trusted supplier to large and well-known companies in the country.

Since its foundation in 1943 ABC has focused on providing the most reliable piston compressors for different sectors and applications, including: PET blowing, CO? recovery, petrochemical, waste treatment, natural gas and other markets. The company has continuously adapted its offer to market requirements, growing sales and relationships through ambitious projects in R&D, production, sales and service. These proactive policies have led to the following achievements in the beverage market:

  • The launch of major product improvements with the production of new and improved compressors for the PET industry (3HA-4-TER-LT, 4HP-6-LT etc) and CO? applications (a wide range of HA and HP models).
  • The reinforcement of technical and production capacities with the recruitment of additional personnel and the use of cutting-edge technologies.
  • Expansion of its sales and service network, with new offices in Indonesia, Myanmar and other countries.

ABC is at pains to emphasise its commitment to reliability of its machines and the quality of its service. Production of main mechanical parts in its plant in Eibar, Spain, can be co-oordinated with its packaging and testing facilities in Europe, China and Brazil. Service and support is provided by a global sales and technical network that delivers its Full Service guarantee, and a remote access and control system. ABC says that energy audits have demonstrated that is a market leader in saving energy and it claims to haves the best TCO rate, making it the manufacturer of the most efficient compressors.

ABC continues to reinforce and develop its position as as a global solution supplier. Its compressors are used in more than 120 countries worldwide.

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