Gotmar / Index-6

Two appointments today which I assumed were close to Sofia. To my dismay, I discover that they are 150 km to the northeast. It’s raining cats and dogs, and the numerous potholes on the highway are full of water. I eventually arrive at Saedinenie where I meet up with Gotmar, who knows all there is to know about plastic packaging and parts. With the delay caused by the weather, it’s already midday when I arrive and Lydia, assistant to my contact Dimo Golev, production manager for preforms, greets me at the gate and kindly invites me to lunch, which was not a moment too soon.

We are then joined by Mr Golev and Mr Kormevski, responsible for plastic parts production, respectively for the industry sector and for household appliances. Even over lunch, I begin to comprehend the breadth of this company’s activities. It produces a huge range of products in virtually every segment of the PET industry. There is almost too much to see, record and discuss. As I am taking photos on the production floor, there is an unfortunate accident. I manage to drop my camera and so far I’ve haven’t been able to get it going again. Fortunately I still have my compact camera so I shall have to make do with that from now on.

It is already late afternoon before I am able to set off for my next appointment with Index-6, a company based in Plovdiv, about 30km away. Not for the first time on this expedition, my satnav decides to go on strike, so I haven’t a clue how to get to Index-6. Fortunately, Mr. Golev, seeing my distress, takes pity on me and without more ado, hops into his car and guides me all the way to Plovdiv. How I would have got there otherwise, I know not. But what a wonderful gesture on Mr Golev’s part. I shall be forever in his debt. Thank you once again

I am now with Index-6, a machine manufacturing company in the field of filling, capping, and labelling lines for the food and non-food sector. I was warmly welcomed by Petar and Dimitar Spasov, respectively CEO and project manager of the company. Except for a few employees working the late shift, the workforce has already gone home, so the factory floor is quiet. This is quite a positive thing because it is not necessary to raise voices to make yourself heard. Everywhere are displayed innovative ideas which symbolise the company’s guiding principle “always in motion”.

Index-6 is an excellent visit to end what has been a long and gruelling day. Tired but well satisfied, I set off back to Sofia, a journey that takes much longer than this morning, because the rain is still pouring down and visibility is very poor. Numerous accidents en route testify to the awful conditions. It’s nearly 10pm before I get back to the Editourmobil and I’m frankly fit to drop.