All good things must come to an end and in this case, that means the weather. When I get up, it’s pouring with rain and overnight the temperature has dropped by about 15 degrees. It’s perishing cold, at least until the Editourmobil heating system starts to crank into action.

Big plans today: first on the list is an appointment with Radenska, the flagship brand of Pivovarna Lasko. I am greatly looking forward finally to having my first taste of the famous water. Mr Martin Lah, technical department manager, comes over to the gate to meet me, and to my delight, gives me a surprise introduction to the world of water, namely an umbrella It is pelting down with rain and the umbrella thankfully prevents us getting soaked to the skin before we reach the office.

In later conversation, I learn that Radenska water not only enjoys a long tradition, but also a huge spread that goes far beyond Slovenia’s borders, even stretching to intercontinental areas beyond. Of course, there’s not only bottled water, but also a variety of soft drinks, both with or without CO2. Even the preforms are manufactured in-house. Using Husky, Sidel, and KHS technology, Radenska operates two PET production lines, in addition to bottle and can manufacturing. Radenska are also licensees of Pepsi-Cola in Slovenia.

After our meeting, the rain is still bucketing down as I head off for the next interview on the outskirts of Zagreb, in Croatia.