The talks with the sponsors

I established contact with those machine manufacturers we felt might be considered as supporters. The thoroughly positive feedback once they heard about the tour confirmed me in my determination and motivated me for the coming weeks. In spite of an exchange of contacts and information which was sluggish in terms of time due to the summer holiday period, I felt that these two months had an incredible effect.

Now, after several hundred emails and telephone conversations, what felt like a great weight was lifted from my shoulders, the project was secure and I could move to the next phase. We managed to obtain six sponsors for our tour who were prepared to support us both financially and with any amount of customer contacts. KHS were the first to look forward to the tour, followed by Netstal, Brigl & Bergmeister, GEA, Sidel and Nissei ASB.

The next thing was to prepare the PET world for the tour in the forthcoming Insider magazine and, in conjunction with this, to devise an announcement to appear in both the forthcoming PETplanet Insider issues 9 and 10.